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Captioning Products

Live Arena/Stadium Play-by-Play – Fans live at your event can now enjoy real time captions of your play-by-play action on your Jumbotron, Daktronics board, internal TV monitors, Blackberry, iPhone, PDA devices and the internet.  You will be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act enabling hearing impaired fans to enjoy the live action of your event as well.
We do have encoders for your personal use.

Live Television Broadcast Captioning available.


Press Conferences – Interactive, live real-time text display on your website, private monitors and computers of your post-game press conferences.

TV/Radio Broadcast – Attract more visitors to your website’s home page with real time captions of the TV/Radio broadcast of your event.


Instant Transcript Products


Word-for-word text of your press conference delivered instantly.


Instant Delivery – accurately produced to meet all of your deadline needs.

Customized – your event logo prominently displayed on each FastScript for expanded brand recognition. Email and efax-friendly.

Archive – join the archive dating as far back as 1999 and read what Tiger Woods had to say as an amateur at the US Open at that time.

Search Feature – want to know what a particular player said word-for-word at an event?  Our web search feature will take you there by just typing in a couple of key words.

Time-Stamped – sync the transcripts with video for television crew easy access to quotes.



Transcripts on-the-go.

FastScripts  access via iPhones, BlackBerrys, PDAs, and the internet made simple.

On-the-go –your press conference will always get the attention it deserves with instant access to FastScripts via iPhone, BlackBerry and PDA devices

RSS Feed– FastScripts  coming to you in real time rather than you going to them.

ASAPsports.MOBI – our full-service website developed to be accessed on your mobile device.


Non-Instant Transcript Products

Transcription of Audio or Video Files, Digital or Wav Files, or Recordings.

Flexible Price and Turnaround Options Depending on Turnaround Needed.

Turnaround Same Day, Next Day, Two Days -- Up to Two Weeks.

Transcripts Emailed as WORD Documents.

Send Your Archived- or Your Just-Recorded Files for Turnaround that Suits your Budget and Needs.

Contact jeri@asapsports.com for further information and with your transcription needs.


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